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Kasko Fountain Lighting Packages

Price: From $16.00 to $1,774.00
Manufacturer Part No: LR275

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Kasco offers tow high quality lighting packages to compliment their line of fountains. If you are looking to make a statement – a well lit fountain display at night is a sure way to attract attention!

·       75 watt solid bronze lights are one of the best lights available. Features include thermal protection, multiple seals and internal potting compound to prevent water leaks, optimal 50 watt colored bulbs also available

·       Lights require only to be partially submerged. This allows for better lighting and less maintenance than cheaper lights which are required to be fully submerged.

·       3 HP and 5HP fountains can accept two light kits (six lights total) by ordering two LR375 light kits and a special mountain hardware package

·       LR275 is a two light kit for use on ½ or 3/4 HP VFX fountains. Includes light and 100’ cord.

·       LR375 is a three light kit, which can be used on ½ or ¾ HP fountains for increased lighting or on 1 to 5 HP fountains, includes 100’ cord.

·       Built in low voltage transformer turns any of these fountains into a beautiful night time display!

·       A quick disconnect is available for light cables which makes service and removal much easier.

Part #




Two Light Kit for VFX2400 and VFX3400



Three Light Kit for VFX4400 and larger Fountains



Colored Light Bulbs, 50 watt YELLOW



Colored Light Bulbs, 50 watt BLUE



Colored Light Bulbs, 50 watt GREEN



Colored Light Bulbs, 50 watt RED



75 watt Clear Bulb



Mounting Hardware for 3 or 5 HP Dual Light Kits



Quick Disconnect for Light Cables


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