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EasyPro Pond-Vive Bacteria X

Price: From $170.00 to $394.00
Manufacturer: EasyPro
Manufacturer Part No: PB8

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The Natural, biological way to revive your pond.

This special blend of bacteria is designed to:

·        Reduce sludge buildup

·        Reduce oxygen demand

·        Eliminate pond odors

·        Eliminate Excess nutrients

·        Improve water clarity

·        Thousands of satisfied customers have seen a definite improvement in water quality using Pond-vive!

·        Safe for Fish, Pets, Wildlife and Family!

Dosage Rates:

For best results Pond-vive should be added every two weeks when water temperatures are above 55° (can be added at colder temperatures but results will be diminished). The amount needed depends on the condition of the pond. Below is a guideline:

Newer ponds with little “muck” – Apply 4 lbs per surface acre / 2 weeks

Older ponds with high levels of “much” – Apply 6 lbs per surface acre / 2 weeks

Example – a 10 lb. Pail treats

Pond Size

Newer Pond

Older Pond

¼ Acre

5 Months

3 Months

½ Acre

2.5 Months

1.5 Months

1 Acre

1.25 Months

.75 Months


Part #




20 eight ounce Water Soluble Packets (10 lbs)



50 eight ounce Water Soluble Packets (25 lbs)



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