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Water Quality Impact on Fish


When you purchase a pet, it is always critical to make sure the health of the pet is properly maintained. While some may not look at Koi and Goldfish as pets in the same light as dogs or cats. The fact remains they are living creatures that can provide much joy in a person’s life. That is why it is important to always maintain proper Koi and Goldfish health so that they live as long a life as possible. For those that are wondering if Koi and Goldfish health is difficult to maintain, her is some good news: it is not difficult at all to maintain the proper health of Koi and Goldfish. In fact, all that is often required is taking a few things into consideration, in order to maintain a proper living environment.

Clean, balanced water is one of the most important elements in maintaining koi and goldfish health. If water is dirty or impure, the ecological environment of the tank will be destabilized. In other words, it will become unlivable and undermine the health of the koi and goldfish living in it. With this in mind your pond water should be exchanged 10% monthly starting June and into September. A proper pump and filter must be attached to the tank as well. The water in the pond should be turned over a minimum one time per hour: if you have a 1000 gallon pond, your pond should operate at 1000 gallons per hour. Ideally your filters for a 1000 gallon pond should be 1000 or higher, you can never over filter your pond.

Koi and goldfish, like all living creatures, will achieve optimum health based on diet. However, koi and goldfish cannot choose their diet since they are reliant on their owners to feed them. So it is important not to skimp on purchasing proper food for your fish. You want to make sure the fish eats a diet that will increase their lifespan and not shorten it.

In a contained environment such as a pond, sickness can spread in a very short period of time. That means if a single koi or goldfish is showing signs of illness it must be immediately removed fro the pond and isolated. In some instances, the sick fish may make a complete recovery. After which, it can be returned to the pond. Keep in mind, that sick fish may have spread disease and bacteria to the others, undermining overall Koi and goldfish health, you may want to consider treating the whole pond.

Koi and Goldfish can and will spawn in your pond when the time and elements are right. Females and male fish are generally difficult to tell apart. Females are normally larger with substantial girth to them. Make no mistake when the spawning months some around in the early to mid part of the year, the females will have a swollen underside.

The girth of the fish will give away its female identity. The swollen belly is due to hundreds of eggs waiting to be expelled. When the fish spawn, you will see several of the thinner males chasing the females all over the pond, bumping and nudging their sides and stomach area.

The males intentions are to initiate the female to release the eggs so they can release their MILT and fertilize the eggs as they are deposited on underwater plant matter, like parrots feather/water iris/reeds…etc.

The fertilized eggs are thrust into a very dangerous world, mostly at the mouths of their cannibalistic parents.

If you don’t want fry of the Koi or Goldfish, leaving them in the pond will minimize any making it to adulthood. There will be fry that make it, but numbers will be kept in check, especially by the removing all the eggs you find or the introduction of GAMBUSIA minnows, that will turn on the small fry in replace of mosquito larva.

As one can see, maintaining Koi or Goldfish health is not at all difficult. One simply needs to take the proper steps to ensure a healthy living environment is maintained. This will of course, benefit the fish and owner alike.

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