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Types of Test Kits:

There are several methods of testing your pond water: liquid test kits, dry test kits, test strips, meters and colorimeters.


Although the test strips are easiest to use, once the strips are exposed to oxygen they begin to lose their accuracy. For the most accurate results, liquid or dry (tablet form) test kits are recommended for measuring pH, phosphate ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. All test kits and strips should be replaced annually because the chemicals used in test kits and strips have a shelf life and begin to provide inaccurate results after one year. 


For salinity (salt) a salinity meter is required.  The liquid tests have recently been pulled from shelves because they contain trace amounts of mercury.


lf you are getting inconsistent readings from your test kit, strips or meter; or you are not sure of their accuracy, take a sample of your water into our store and we will be able to test it for you with more sophisticated testing equipment, such as a colorimeter. The colorimeter provides a digital readout of the test performed.

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