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Tips for Summer Pond Care
  • Continue to fertilize your plants – fertilized plants grow larger and healthier than those with out love. The more plants you have the more shade your fish will have from the blistering sun. Also, the shade helps control algae growth in your pond by lowering sun penetration.
  • Clear the pond of dead foliage. Keeping up on dying or dead foliage will help keep sludge from building up in the bottom of your pond. If dead foliage is left to decompose, it will, at the bottom of the pond. It also encourages plants to grow more leaves and/or flowers.
  • Feed your fish. Fish should be fed in the summer 1 – 3 times per day. Only feed them what they can consume in 5 minutes. Left over food will decompose and cause sludge in your pond.
  • Remember to clean you filter regularly. It is important not to over-clean your filter. There is beneficial bacteria growing there which helps your pond complete the nitrogen cycle. This makes it healthier for all living organisms in the pond’s ecosystem.
  • Aerate, Aerate, Aerate. Warmer water temperatures contain less oxygen which the fish need. Also, fish demand more oxygen in warmer temperatures. The weather is working against them so it is our job to make their environment less stressful.
  • Keep up on your bacteria and algaecide usage. Keep with a routine so that the pond stays on a schedule and the dreaded algae has less of a chance of growing in your pond
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