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EasyPro Rainwater Containments Systems allow you to capture and store rainwater from roof tops, permeable patios, driveways, etc. for later use in irrigation, fountain basin and Just-A-Falls water feature replenishment. Available in 500, 1000 and 2000 gallon capacities or a custom sized system can be matched to your needs.



Easy system comes complete with a high pressure, submersible irrigation pump complete with an automatic on/off sensor. You can attach auto fill valves for water features or a garden hose for irrigation (or use a Y on the outlet and use both!) The sensor will automatically turn the pump on anytime the auto fill calls for water or anytime you pull trigger on the garden hose.


Extra large pond liner is included which can wrap around the top of the reservoir leaving only a small area of exposed stone in the center where the pump is located. This minimizes the visual foot print of the reservoir making it very easy to conceal!


The downspout filter is used to capture debris from roof water before going into the reservoir. A fine mesh debris net lies just under the grating which is covered with rocks to conceal the filter. In typical applications this net only needs to be cleaned 1-2 times per year. A 3” spinweld fitting is installed in the side of the basin and a 3” PVC adapter comes included. Simply connect 3” flexible or rigid PVC pipe between the basin and the reservoir (not included).



Each System includes

Pump Vault

Vault Extension

High Strength Res-Cubes

45 mil Liner


Pump Controller

High Pressure Pump


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