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Preventing a Green Water Algae Bloom

Each season most ponds will experience a green water algae bloom, which will cause your pond water to turn green and cloudy. This is part of a natural cycle caused by an excess of certain trace minerals, nutrients and sunlight.

The following suggestions can avoid or minimize a green water algae blooms this season:

  • Establish a good biological balance in your pond by adding Easy Pro “All Seasons” Liquid Pond Bacteria on a regular basis.
  • Check for high nitrate levels, which can cause green water algae, using the Pond Care Master Liquid Test Kit. If the level of nitrate is high a 25% water change should be performed.
  • Use of lots of plants to deprive the algae of light and nutrients. To do this, plants should cover a minimum of 2/3rds of the water surface, if the pond is in full sun. Generally, if you have the proper water plant level and the nitrates are in the correct range, the green water algae will clear naturally in a week or two, provided and you are adding bacteria to your pond on a regular basis.
  • To speed up the clearing process:

For most people who are plagued with Green Water Algae, we find the UV Light is the best option to keep your pond water crystal clear throughout the summer. The purchase of a UV light does require an upfront investment, but in the long run it is cheaper than the chemical approach and requires minimal labor once installed.

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