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Pond Winterization Shopping List 


In preparing your pond for the upcoming cold weather there are several key items every pond owners should have:


· POND AERATORS: Pond aerators serve two functions in the winter: they help keep a hole in the ice to allow toxics gases to escape when the pond is ice covered, if toxic gases are not allowed to escape it can result in a major fish kill;  and they add oxygen to the pond.  Adding oxygen to the pond is very important when you have a large number of fish and/or larger fish (over 10").  At the pond place we have a number of aerators to select form for all size ponds.


· POND DE-ICERS: Pond de-Icers (also called Pond Heaters) also keep a whole in the ice to allow toxics gases to escape.  Pond De-Icers are usually used as a stand-alone unit in ponds with small numbers of fish and/or smaller fish.  In ponds in ponds with larger numbers of fish and/or larger fish, De-Icers are used in combination with the Pond Aerator to provide a supplemental hole in the ice.  This is extremely valuable in the event of a very cold winter. The Pond Place offers a wide variety of Pond De-Icers: ranging from the energy efficient 100 Watts De-Icers to the 1500 Watt De-Icers used for shallow ponds or when a large hole is desired.


· POND NETTING:  Early netting is key to keeping fall leaves out of the  pond to minimize fall and spring cleaning. The Pond Place offers a large variety of different sized netting starting at 10’ x7’ going up to 30’ x 100’.  We also offer inner tubes to helps hold up the netting in the center as well as special fittings to help you build a tent structure with PVC poles.


· SKIMMER NET: Skimmer Nets are very helpful in removing leaves and debris from the pond.


· POND THERMOMETER: Pond Thermometers allow you to monitor the water temperature of your pond.  This is helpful in determining when to which to cold water fish food, and when to stop feeding your fish for the winter.


· MICROBE-LIFT AUTUMN PREP: Autumn Prep is a cold water sludge eater and helps accelerate de-composition or leaves and sludge during the fall and winter months.


· BARLEY: Barley is very effective in help keeping your pond clear and clean.  Barley can be added as a liquid, Barley Extract or in the form of a Bale.


· COLD WATER FISH FOOD:  As temperatures drop, it is important that your pond fish are feed a cold water fish food that is wheat germ based. Begin using Cold Water Fish Food when the water temperatures drop below 68 degrees.  Once temperatures drop below 50 degrees stop feeding your fish.

· POND SALT:  Increasing the level of Pond Salt to .2 or .25 for the winter will increase the fish’s slim coat and help protect them against parasites during the winter months.




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