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     The Pond Place of Michigan LLC, Offers Repair & Maintenance Services


Everyone wants a place to relax when they get home from a hard day. Anyone who owns a pond will tell you that there is no better way to forget about the rest of the world than by sitting in front of your own waterfall. To improve your oasis, we offer services to those unsure of the proper methods and to veteran pond owners that wish to have these services done for them.  


Available Pond Services:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly service  
  • Vacation servicing  
  • Spring cleaning / sludge and debris removal  $150.00 per hour (for a two man crew) min 1 hour  plus materials
  • Spring pond opening services     $150.00 per hour (for a two man crew) min 1 hour  plus materials
  • Pump, fountain and aerator installation, removal, and replacement  $150.00 per hour (for a two man crew) min 1 hour  plus materials  
  • Pond and leak repair   $150.00 per hour (for a two man crew) min 1 hour  plus materials 
  • Water quality monitoring and service    
  • Algae control-Physical Removal    
  • Rebuilds    
  • Pond build and consultation services    
  • Winterization    
  • Pond netting 

Maintenance Services:  

  • Clean rocks and spillways  
  • Test and clean attached equipment including UV Lights  
  • Apply bacteria, enzymes and barley to the water  
  • Trim and fertilize plants (removal of plants if necessary)  
  • Clean filter and skimmer pads  
  • Clean surrounding pond areas    
  • Perform 10% water exchange  
  • Remove string algae  


Our monthly maintenance fee is $125.00 per hour for a two man crew, plus materials/products (one hour minimum).   


Seasonal Closing Procedures

  • Remove UV unit, pumps filter media and bio media  
  • Install de-icer and or aerators  
  • Add cold water bacterias, salt and barley
  • Remove tropical plants and trim plants that will stay  
  • Bag removed devices and leave with client  
  • Net pond (rocked or tent netting)  


Seasonal Opening Procedures

  • Remove fish and safely keep them for the duration of the cleaning  
  • Drain, remove plants and power wash pond  
  • Remove excess organic debris (sludge)  
  • Set up pump, filter, UV sterilizer, scarecrow and auto fill   
  • Add bacteria packs to start eco system  
  • Bacteria, enzymes and fish food will be available for your convenience
  • Acclimate the fish and plants to the new water conditions   


A well designed pond requires very little maintenance. But, seasonal cleanings are a very important aspect of owning a pond. The most important cleanings are for the spring and fall.   


For pricing or to schedule an appointment please call us at 248-889-8400  

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