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Water Features without the Pond


Many of us love the idea of running water in our yard or
patio area but don’t want the upkeep of a pond or
watergarden. There are several ways to get the sound and
 tranquility that water can bring without the safety issues
and work associated with a pond.  Two options are pondless
waterfalls and vanishing vase fountains.


The pondless waterfall allows you to build a waterfall, which empties into a gravel bed and
alleviates the potential safety issues associated with a pond. Within the gravel bed is a rubber
liner to hold the water and a vault, which contains the pump. These pondless waterfall kits can
be set up to contain no plants or fish allowing you reduce maintenance or you can plant water
plants in the gravel area and treat it as a bog and add bacterial and algae treatments to the water.
For both of these options we recomend using algaecide as well as a sludge eating bacteria.
The second option and great option for a small or large deck, patio

or garden area are vanishing vase fountains. A very simple concept,

easy to build and provides instant beauty and tranquility to your

yard.  The vanishing vase fountains are built by placing a wood

frame with a rubber liner or a plastic container on the ground or

floor to hold water and a grate is placed in the container and held

up by cinder blocks to create a false bottom.  A pump is then

placed under the grate to pump water to the vases, which have

been plumbed to accept water.  Stones are then placed on the grate

to hide the pump and grating. These vase displays can be purchased

as a kit or items can be purchased individually.

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