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I have a leak in my pond!

A leak in your pond can be a scary thought. Truth is, most of the time it’s a relatively easy fix.

Where is it? The easiest way to find where your leak is located is to turn off your pump. During this time watch the water treatments you are putting into your pond as most require the pump to circulate the product.  Leave your aerator running while the pump is off to disperse oxygen into the water. Watch the pond water. When the water level stops lowering, you should be able to look around the water line and spot a tear in the liner.

Prepare the Area:  After the hole is discovered lower the water level a few more inches so the area can remain dry.

Get a Kit: The pond repair kit has everything you will need to repair your liner.

Preform a Repair: Clean the liner from any mud or dirt that may be on it. Use scuffing pad to apply primer and scuff up the surface. Cut the seam tape with rounded corners. Apply the seam tape and roll with provided roller in multiple directions until completely secure.

Re-fill Pond: Add water back into pond to the second screw on the skimmer box and continue maintenance as usual.

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