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About pH:

The temperature is hot or cold as water pH is basic or acidic. pH ranges from 0 (acidic) to 14 (basic). Just as you can mix hot and cold water together to make warm, you can also mix acidic and basic substances together and make it more neutral. Tap water in Michigan generally has a pH of  7-7.8. Well water, in Michigan, generally has a pH of 8.5+. The ideal pH range for most pond fish is 6.5 to 8.5.

What causes pH to change?In a pond there are hundreds of different possibilities. Some high pH causes include excessive plant growth, overstocking of fish, introduction of foreign material to the pond (ie: untreated concrete, limestone, rock containing calcium), the clearing of algae blooms or well water. A Low pH can be caused from rotting matter, overstocking, or leeching activity from planting material.

Remedies:Use the appropriate product ie: pH up or pH down. Try to identify what is causing the pH swing and alleviate the problem. Once pH is within the proper range add a pH Buffer or pH stabilizer; otherwise it will go back to the level it was before treatment was added.

Note:Green water algae could cause major pH swings. If you have green water you should solve the green water problem first, then adjust pH if it is still an issue. Changes to pH MUST be made GRADUALLY. Do not attempt to alter the pH more than 0.2 in a 24-hour period.

pH Crash: This problem may occur with older ponds. A pH crash is the rapid drop in pH and if left untreated could instantly kill your fish. This rapid drop in pH is caused by the long term accumulation of hydrogen ions from the biological activity in the pond. If a sudden drop in pH occurs, immediately add one cup of baking soda per thousand gallons to your pond. This should begin to raise the pH. Continue adding the baking soda once per day until the pH is back within normal range. To guard against this problem several steps can be taken. 1) Once pH is between 7 and 9 add a pH buffer to maintain the pH level. 2) add a bottom drain or use a pond vacuum to pull out debris and stagnant water from the bottom of the pond. 3) use sludge remover bacteria regularly, to reduce sludge build-up.

Ideal pH: 7.5

Acceptable Range: 6.5-8.5

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