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EasyPro Barley Straw - 1lb Bale

Price: $23.00
Item Number: EBS1
Manufacturer: EasyPro

The use of barley has become an increasingly popular way to improve water quality in ponds and water features.  This technique has been used in Europe and other parts of the world for many years.  When properly applied, naturally occurring organisms decompose the lignins in the barley, releasing humic substances (dissolved organic carbon) intothe water.  in the presence of sunlight and oxygen, those compounds are converted into low levels of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is the component that modifies the pond chemistry to improve water quality.
  • One pound bale treats approximately 100 square feet of pond surface area.
  • Each bale lasts approximately three to four months.  It takes approximately 4 weeks before a new bale is fully effective,  to ensure no interruption in water quality, apply a replacement bale to pond four weeks before removing original bale.
  • Waters treated with barley may turn tea-colored, this is due to the breakdown of the barley and usually clears up within a week or two.
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