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EasyPro Pro-Series Large Pond Kit Systems

Price: From $4,856.00 to $6,313.00
Manufacturer: EasyPro
Manufacturer Part No: EL2424

Product Options

Pond Size:

o      All Pro-Series “EL” Kits include

o      45 mil Firestone Liner

o      Underlayment

o      Large Pro-Series skimmer (PS2FB)

o      Large Pro-Series AquaFalls filter/waterfall base ( AL)

o      3” check valve assembly

o      3” flexible PVC pipe

o      One gallon beneficial pond bacteria (ASB128)

o      Four underwater lights with transformer

o      WIK2 installation kit which includes PVC primer, glue, liner patch, black foam and two tubes of silicone

Part #

Pond Size

Liner Size

Pump (GPH)


With Motor Freight

EL2424 **

24’ x 24’

30’ x 30’

TM9500 (9000)



EL2434 **

24’ x 34’

30’ x 40’

TM13500 (13500)



EL3434 **

34’ x 34’

40’ x 40’

TM13500 (13500)



**This item ships motor freight. A standard additional cost of $125.00 has been added to the price of this item to accommodate the shipping in Michigan. Shipping outside of Michigan is standard $175.00 except to AK, CA,HI and WA. Shipping outside of Michigan for this product requires contacting the store.

Please contact the store for any questions about shipping.

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