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Do I Need Both an Aerator and a De-Icer?


Whether or not you need both an aerator and de-icer for proper pond winterization depends on several issues: depth of pond, quantity of fish, type of fish, size of fish, depth of pond, and level of winter protection desired.

Depth of Pond: If you pond is under 24” and we have a severe winter your fish are at high risk.  With shallow ponds we recommend a high wattage heater (1250 to 1500 Watts) to ensure there is an open area in the pond in the event of long periods of sub-zero temperatures that can create very thick.

Quantity of Fish:  If you only have a few fish, and adequate depth 24” or greater, a low wattage (300 Watts or less) pond de-icer is typically adequate.  If your pond is highly or overstocked with fish we strongly recommend you have both a de-icer and aerator.  The aerator will add additional oxygen to the pond and create a second hole in the ice, in the event that the de-icer quits working.

Type of Fish: Goldfish are much hardier than Koi and can handle the colder water.  Koi cannot handle the colder water as well and produce significantly more waste, creating more toxic gases in the pond.  For ponds with primarily gold fish, that are not over stocked, and the pond is 24" or deeper and a low wattage (300 Watts or less) De-Icer s usually adequate.  With Koi we recommend both an Aerator and De-Icer.

Size of Fish:  When you have a pond stocked with larger fish 12” or larger, they consume more oxygen. When the majority of your fish are 12’ or larger we recommendboth an Aerator and De-Icer.

Level of Protection Desired:  Because we cannot project how severe the winter will be it is hard to know in advance what is the right answer.  If you are attached to your fish and want to minimize fish loss in the winter, we highly recommendboth an Aerator and De-Icer.  Having both gives you: a back-up plan if one of the units fails, additional oxygen for the fish, and two holes in the ice to allow toxic gases to escape.


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