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Best Selling - Spring Pond Products
To Keep Your Crystal Pond Clear and Healthy

  • MICROBE-LIFT SPRING/SUMMER CLEANER: An all temperature sludge eating bacterium to reduce organics, sludge and debris that accumulated over the winter.
  • MICROBE-LIFT GEL:  Used to jump start the growth of new bacteria in your ponds biological filter system.
  • GREEN CLEAN:  Through the release of oxygen Green Clean release algae growing on rocks, boulders and liner; greatly reducing the time needed to clean out your pond.
  • POND SALT: When fish are present, .1% and .25% salt is recommended to reduce fish stress. Pond Salt is 100% pure salt it has no additives or iodine. For a .1% salt concentration, use 1 lb per 100 gallons (1 lb = 2 cups). Example:  1000-gallon pond (with no salt) would need 10 pounds (20 cups) of pond salt.
  • DeCHLORINATOR & HEAVY METAL REMOVER: Instantly neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, copper, lead and zinc, as well as other heavy metals found in tap and well water, all of which might be toxic to fish and plants.
  • BARLEY -  LIQUID or BALE: To help buffer PH & assist in obtaining a clear pond. UseLiquid to Jump Start and add 1-pound bale treats up to 1000-gallon pond.
  • SPRING FISH FOOD:  Start your fish's diet off right; feed them a wheat germ based food with added Vitamin C in cooler water!  Do not feed pond fish until water reaches at least 50°F.
  • KOIZYME: Springtime offers the largest opportunity for disease outbreak in your pond, causing: ulcer disease, fin rot, mouth rot, tail rot and eventual death. Koizyme competes with aeromonas, pseudomonas or any other gram positive or gram-negative bacteria for specific nutrients in the water and starves the bad bacteria and pathogens; therefore the threat to your fish is greatly reduced.
  • POND TABBS:  To maximize blooming and growth start fertilizing in April. Add 1 tablet for each aquatic plant, use 2 tablets  for Water Lilies and Lotus, place deep into the soil.
  • MASTER'S TEST KIT: To monitor the health of your pond. Tests for Ammonia, Nitrite, Phosphate and pH.
  • POND THERMOMETER:  An essential tool for ponds, water temperature is a must know.
  • SKIMMER NET: To skim large debris from the pond.
  • KOI SOCK NET: To assist in handling large Koi without damaging scales.
  • VACUUM:  Makes cleaning debris from bottom of pond and rocks a breeze.
  • REPLACEMENT UV BULBS: Must be changed every spring for maximum performance.
  • AQUATIC PLANT CONTAINERS & SOIL: Spring is an excellent time to divide & replant overgrown plants.
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