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Benefits of Pond Aeration 



An Aerator, also referred to as an aeration system or aeration kit has three components: an air compressor, also known as an air pump, tubing and air stones or an air diffuser.  The air compressor sets outside the pond and pulls air from the atmosphere. Tubing is used to connect the air compressor to the air stones.   The compressor pulls air form the atmosphere and pushes it through the air stone to add oxygen to the pond water. 


We have found aeration to be very beneficial in the control of algae and weeds in a pond for several reasons:

·        Providing bottom aeration supports the ponds ability to support small aquatic animal life (small snails, mussels, worms, etc) that live on the bottom of the pond. These small animals keep the pond clean by eating excess nutrients (fish waste, grass clippings, dead algae, etc.) that cause most water quality problems.  When these animals do not exist the waste accumulates on the bottom of the pond forming a layer of “muck” which serves as fertilizer for weeds and algae.  For maximum benefit the aerator should be run 24/7 year round.

·        When the aerator is supplemented with a sludge-eating bacteria such as EasyPro Pond Vive, we find this reduces the nutrient level in the pond, which in turn reduces the growth of algae and weeds, and helps keep your pond water clear.

·        When weeds and algae have taken over a pond and algaecide and herbicide treatments are required to regain control of the pond, we have found that the aerator helps the effectiveness of the treatments and reduces the possibility of harming fish and wildlife when applying treatments, because many treatments reduce the level of oxygen in the water when initially applied.  (Note:  Each State regulates the use of any type of pond treatments and you should check with them regarding uses and restrictions prior to treating your pond or lake prior to adding any treatments or chemicals to your pond). 


In addition to aeration helping with the control of weeds and algae, the fish love the addition of aeration, particularly when it is very warm, because the oxygen level of the pond is reduced, and the aerator adds additional oxygen to the pond water.  Also, the aerator is beneficial in the winter.  It helps maintain a hole in the ice allowing toxic gases to be released.  If these toxic gases are not allowed to be released they can be harmful to your fish.

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